Get staff project hours into your Harvest time tracker up to 50% faster.

For $2 / user AlignTime will:
Sync your Harvest account with Slack or MS Teams;
Send Harvest project time alerts to staff DMs, not email;
Cast Harvest project data into reports for project channels;
Boost team engagement and invoice more in half the time!;
See real change in the your first 30 days, free.
No card required. Set up is only minutes.

Best Time Tracking Solutions
Image of an employee's weekly time report with hours entered.

Getting more from your time tracking solution

AlignTime automates weekly time tracking reports delivering them directly to your project chat channels, where you do most of your collaboration. Stay on top of your team’s weekly overtime, undertime, and billable hours with AlignTime’s managers summary.

  • Provides top-down perspective of your team’s productivity.
  • Allows you to provide faster and more complete feedback.
  • Enables you to plan tasks and priorities more effectively.
Image of an employee's daily time entry reminder.

Improve time tracking for staff

AlignTime sends team members custom daily reminders of any shortages or overages in time reporting, so they can manage their work time more effectively. Make sure they’re hitting their hours with AlignTime’s daily time tracking reminders for employees.

  • Encourages more thorough and accurate time reporting.
  • Increases your team’s accountability and ownership.
  • Removes the stress from time tracking with gentle reminders.
Image of a project's weekly report with a breakdown of hours spent.

Get more from your project management tools

AlignTime sends your teams weekly summary reports directly in their project chat channels, so their workflow isn’t interrupted. Track their efficiency and the time spent on projects, plan upcoming tasks and priorities, and become proactive—not reactive—in your project planning.

  • Enables you to plan, resource, and budget more effectively.
  • Identifies gaps in time, money, and resource management.
  • Allows you to quickly adjust your workflow for productivity.


Time tracking reports and reminders are delivered to your Slack or Microsoft Teams chat stream, so you’re not excessively managing web browser tabs.


Weekly reports summarize your employees’ hours so you can guide them and suggest ways to improve their efficiency.


Daily employee reminders encourage your team members to be accountable and take ownership of their work time.


Birds-eye-view reporting allows you to focus on your bigger picture, forecast future project resources, plan for staffing needs, and set team goals.