2021 Top 5 PAID time-tracking software solutions 

March 7, 2021

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Paid Time Tracking Tools

While there are several free time tracking SaaS toolssometimes you are at a point of growth and scale with your company that you don’t have time to let a free dime hold up a dollar. With multiple teams spread out over several projects, billed by the hour, spending a little extra money is worth it for the right tool.  The right time tracking tool or resource scheduling solution can improve your teams’ efficiency over the year.  

In follow-up to our recent Top 5 Free list, this is our 2021 Top 5 PAID Time-Tracking Software Solutions available on the SaaS market. We have created profiles to make short-listing easier in your search for the next tier in your operation’s efficiency.  


Paid Time Tracking Solution


BambooHR is a cloud-based HR management software solution for small and midsize businesses. Built for smaller and growing companies, BambooHR supports a human resource information system (HRIS) that includes: staff time tracking, applicant tracking, benefits administration, payroll processing, employee engagement with automated reminders, and project data analytics to manage all aspects of the staff / team member lifecycle. 

Subscriber Size: 20k Organizations, 1.8M users, 30k onboarded daily; 

Main Sales Line: “HR Software with a soul”; 

Subscription: $6-8 per Month / User;  

Demo: None; 

Discount: None;  

Onboarding: Work Email;  

Support: Phone, Email, Webinars, Online Wiki, and FAQ; 

Integrations: Slack, MS Teams, 75+ platforms; 


2021 Time Tracking Tools


TSheets is a cloud-based time-tracking solution that offers a wide range of integrations for payroll and scheduling platforms. The software can produce live time-tracking reports, scheduling data, and ensure employee contract compliance, in a user-friendly format. TSheets can also promotes its ability to eliminate hours of manual entry through its integrations with other top project management platforms online. 

Subscriber Size: 20K 5-Star Reviews, 35k organizations, and 500K+ users; 

Main Sales Line: “Streamline time tracking on any device and simplify your business.”; 

Subscription: $10 / User / Month with a base requirement of $30 / month; 

Discount: Available for accounts of 50+ users upon request;  

Demo: None; 

Onboarding: Email and Phone Number;  

Support: Phone, Email, Online Chat, Webinars, Online Wiki, and FAQ; 

Integrations: Slack, MS Teams, 40+ platforms (via Zappier); 


Productivity Tools for Startups


Timely claims to be the fastest time tracking solution for people and companies. Timely offers an automated time tracking that ensures staff don’t forget what they’ve been working on with smart resource for scheduling and reporting, helping to identify opportunities to improve your project productivity. 

Subscriber Size: 40K Users; 

Main Sales Line: “Get a flawless digital record of all project and team time, all without the hassle of manual timers and note taking.”; 

Subscription: Base Account: $8 / User / Month – $14-20 for advanced subscription; 

Demo: None; 

Discount: 30% Annual;  

Onboarding: Email and Phone Number;  

Support: Email, Online Wiki, and FAQ; 

Integrations: Slack, MS Teams, 100+ platforms (via Zappier); 


Project Management Tools


ProofHub is a SaaS project management software that includes group chat streaming, workflow drafting, and project productivity reportsAvailable for both Android and iOS, Proofhub offers a single point for team collaboration and discussion over projectskeeping teams connected in remote work situations. 

Subscriber Size: Unknown; 

Main Sales Line: “Time tracking software to bring all your time data at one central place.”; 

Subscription: $45 base per monthly user / $90 advance; 

Demo: Yes; 

Discount: 10% Annual;  

Onboarding: Name, Email, and Phone Number;  

Support: Email, Online Chat, Online Wiki, and FAQ; 

Integrations: 10 platforms, not including Slack or MS Teams;