Get Harvest time tracking reports in CHAT, instead of EMAIL.

May 20, 2021

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Harvest Time Tracking Reports

Getting Harvest time tracking reports can be a pain if you are a project manager. Typically, you are trying to figure out where your project burn rate is, how much time has been spent on the respective tasks, and who has been doing what. Pretty straight forward PM stuff.

But to do so, you need to get your Harvest time tracker login, find the reports, download them, compile them together in Adobe Pro, attach to an email, send. It’s brutal multiplied by the times you need to make these reports.

And you know what? Far fewer people read those reports in proportion to the time and frustration it took you to compile them from Harvest. Why? Because you emailed them to staff. Email: where thoughts, ideas, meetings, requests, and alerts go to die, unanswered, forgotten, never replied…

Boost the engagement of your Harvest time tracker reports

If email isn’t dead, it’s certainly dying from a previous glory in the late 90s / early 2000s. Lately, email has significantly lost its importance in organizations with the arrival of Slack, and then MS Teams not long after. These are chat platforms for internal communication and they are CRUSHING email engagement. Unless you deal with sales outside your company (client email) you probably don’t see Outlook that often. If at all…

Harvest doesn’t offer the ability to relay project report data from Harvest to Slack or MS Teams. But there are services like AlignTime for project managers that want to stream this data from Harvest to group project chats / channels where team members see live project data displayed.

Data shared in chat, and not email, enjoys far higher staff engagement, project transparency, and raised accountability by project team members.

Connect your Harvest account with AlignTime

If you are looking for greater engagement with project data from your team, consider AlignTime’s very affordable plugin integration for Harvest time tracking. Start getting your Harvest time tracking reports into chat where they get seen and valued.

For just $2 / month AlignTime can get project time entered into Harvest up to 50% faster, so you can invoice more sooner, as well as making critical project decisions with better data.