Harvest time tracking notifications in chat, instead of email…

May 18, 2021

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Harvest time tracker notifications

Email is dying. It just is, and it’s doing so at the hands of platforms like Slack and MS Teams. It’s been like that for nearly a decade. If you are a project manager, or work in a team or office that uses either for project communication, you probably don’t look at email that often. If you aren’t client facing in your company it’s like you’re back to the late 90’s where you only checked email it once a week.

Everyone and everything important to your job may now only exist in Slack or Teams via channels or DMs. You may have just turned off your Outlook / Gmail brain. And that’s understandable.

Where do all those Harvest time tracking notifications go?

Just “away”. If you are a project manager using Harvest for time tracking, and you have staff that don’t get you your valuable project hours on time, your friendly Harvest “late entry” notifications are likely dying, unseen, unopened, ignored in Outlook or Gmail. And if staff do read them, it’s days or a week later. It may hurt to read that, but it’s true.

Why AlignTime’s chat bot improves the Harvest time tracker

AlignTime is a service that understands the behavioural short-comings of email communication vs. chat comms like Slack and MS Teams. Working as an add-on to Harvest, AlignTime sends notifications and reports directly into chat where they get seen, acknowledged, and acted on within chat DMs and project channels.

When AlignTime was used by Harvest account holders, clients experienced up to a 50% lift of time tracking engagement with regular staff, and an incredible improvement by nearly 70% by staff labelled as “worst time tracking offenders.” The results from using AlignTime were drastic.

The soft cost of working remote

As all project managers working through this pandemic wrestle with keeping tabs on their staff, and keeping staff engaged with their projects from home. Project managers worry about the happiness of remote employees while constantly trying to bolster team engagement, transparency, and accountability to complete a project. Engaging your staff with email notifications that barely get seen only causes stress, poor data with poor decisions, and lost time / money.

The hard costs of time tracking remote staff

Harvest Time Tracking Tools

As team engagement falls late project time submissions grow. Poor time tracking leads to the lost accuracy in recording billable client hours as time gets entered later in the week. Entering time a week later, versus the daily, can result in missing up to 15% of your invoicing. Simply because an employee didn’t get a ‘late on project hours’ notification in chat. Imagine you discover that you lost 15% of your revenue last year. That would be an issue…

Project managers waste time / money simply chasing down staff hours manually. As a project manager you might not notice, but you could be spending up to 1 hour a week just nagging staff, chasing time, and then reviewing data to confirm hours have been entered. There are 52 weeks in a year. That’s more than a week’s vacation in nagging.