How Harvest time tracking price plans compare with other competitors

May 21, 2021

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Time tracking prices

If you aren’t familiar with Harvest time tracking there is a good chance you are a small to medium sized business, or you may work in the digital media space. Folks like Harvest for time tracking because it’s very easy to set up, and the feature set is fairly straight forward. But it also has other great features that manage invoicing, which connects the billable hours you are busy tracking.

The Harvest time tracking price and offer

Harvest Time Tracking Solutions

If you are looking at Harvest it can be free for a single user, but that’s a pretty unique and impractical circumstance. Paying for Harvest as a small group (10~ staff) you are looking at $12 USD / user / month. With it you get the full package with time tracking and invoicing.

Unfortunately, Harvest doesn’t provide any demos or walk-throughs of their service, but there is a depth of video resources available online. If you’re a little gun shy on Harvest time tracking as a solution, don’t worry, they offer a solid 30-day free trial. And if the price is a bit too steep, they do provide a 10% discount for annual pricing.

How does TSheets time tracking price add up?

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TSheets is a bit of a different animal, as it comes from the developers of Intuit Quickbooks, which can be geared toward scaled professional operations, less SMB, and leaning toward enterprise level as a solution.

And the price reflects this positioning. TSheets does offer only a 14-day free trial without demos, and they also provide no annual discounting for paying upfront, which seems silly, but TSheets is all button down business in there. Paying beyond the free trial requires the sign-up of a starting minimum of 3 users at the tune of $10 / user / month + a flat fee of $10 / month.

How does TimeCamp time tracking pricing add up?

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TimeCamp is a smaller company with a fairly small user base, but if you are in startup or SMB it could be a winner for you. It’s built as a lean and stripped down time tracker, so don’t go looking for the same frills you find elsewhere. It is a bit basic. However, like other competitors, it has a very healthy API marketplace of other services you can connect with.

Price wise, TimeCamp time tracker competes with the market. It starts for as low as only $5 / user / month and they offer a very aggressive 25% annual discount if you pay upfront.

If you need a time tracking solution that is basic features and a stripped down price, TimeCamp will give you something to ponder.

What does Connecteam time tracking cost?

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Connecteam sells itself as the #1 time tracking app for the deskless workforce. Well, in the midst of a pandemic, the tagline couldn’t be more timely. Boasting over 140K in users, the service also offers a competitive array of over 40 service platform integrations. Connecteam is not just a time tracker. It also has several employee resources for planning and communication, so it sells on more features – more value.

However, Connecteam doesn’t play around. Recently raising their price from $29-$47 / user / month is a significant raise for their basic package, while their most popular package starts at $95 / user / month. However, they do offer an aggressive annual discount of 20%.

I you are a company that is into the 50 staff level, Connecteam may be an ideal platform for you.

Adding AlignTime to Harvest time tracking

Harvest time tracker integrations

If you are considering Harvest time tracker as your solution, also consider adding AlignTime to your Harvest account for only an additional $2 / user / month. AlignTime streams late time entry notifications and Harvest project data directly into chat platforms like Slack and MS Teams, live.

Set up AlignTime in only minutes and start getting project hours into your time tracker up to 50% faster, while also catching 10-15% you may be missing in client billables.

AlignTime has a free 30-day trial with no credit card required. If you want to get more staff engagement with your Harvest time tracker account, sign up for AlignTime today!