Project management tools that turn Time Slackers into Trackers

February 23, 2021

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For less than a cup of coffee, AlignTime can turn your project time slackers into time trackers. AlignTime has launched its project management tool suite that sends time tracking data directly to your chat streams. Get live reports in your project chat streams while Aligntime’s customized productivity bot chases down those missing project hours for you.

As a time tracking tool for project management our goals are simple: improve staff engagement, create project efficiencies, and get you your project data sooner.

The genesis of AlignTime 

We took on a problem that was plaguing most billable project services – poor time data entry for client projects. There is a productivity gap that exists between time tracking and project management software. Often, manual or automated efforts to engage staff with alerts or reminders can become “filtered” or ignored. As a result of increased remote work, the use of chat tools like Slack and MS Teams in increasing dramatically. When project managers are running tight budgets and deadlines it is crucial to have up-to-the-minute time tracking data that reports your project KPIs where team members can see and discuss. 

Reduce the friction within agile project management

Productivity Bot – AlignTime’s productivity bot is hands-off and easy to set up. The bot lets you customize the frequency and content of messages. Those messages will be sent directly to your team members in chat. Improve staff time entry data while saving time! 

In-Chat Reporting – Compiling key time tracking data and transferring it into chat streams is incredibly useful, but takes a lot of time. AlignTime automatically sends reports from your time tracking software to the project chat streams. 

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Setting up AlignTime is easy. Get AlignTime for your office for only $2 per team member and start tracking better project data for less work while saving those project dollars.