Top 5 FREE time-tracking solutions

February 23, 2021

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Free Time Tracking Tools

As we settle into 2021, a lot of us are using staff time-tracking in our business, or we are looking for a better means to track productivity within our operations. However, time-tracking can be a sensitive subject for some employees who may shy away from, or resist, the idea of having their hourly day tracked. On the other hand if you are part of a billable hour service offering then time tracking is a must.  

Here is our 2021 Top 5 FREE Time-Tracking Software Solutions available on the market in 2021. We have created profiles that we hope make short-listing easier as you procure the next big piece of your operation’s efficiency efforts. Keep an eye out for a subsequent post where we will be reviewing the paid time-tracking services available online.  

Harvest Time Tracking Solutions

Time tracking solutions for small-to-medium size business 

Harvest is a cloud-based time tracking tool designed for businesses of all sizes but excels with smaller operations and startups, including invoicing and timesheet features for small businesses and freelancers. Key features also include expense management, team management, project managementand scheduling. 

  • Subscriber Size: 60K Organizations; 
  • Main Sales Line: “For those who value insight”; 
  • Subscription: Free / $12 per month @ 200 Users  
  • Discount: 10% annual discount;  
  • Onboarding: Email + Social Signup;  
  • Support: Email, Webinars, Online Wiki and FAQ; 
  • Integrations: AlignTime, Slack, MS Teams, 40+ platforms; 


Timecamp time tracking and invoicing

Online time tracking and invoicing tools 

Launched in 2009, TimeCamp is a web-based application that tracks the activity of computer users and it is dedicated either to freelancers or teams. TimeCamp facilitates the invoicing of employees’ work based on an hourly rate, measuring the work effectiveness and project management. 

  • Subscriber Size: 140K Users; 
  • Main Sales Line: “Increase profitability”; 
  • Subscription: Limited Free / $7-10 per month Paid; 
  • Discount: 25% annual discount;  
  • Onboarding: Email signup;  
  • Support: Demo, Email, Online Chat, and web FAQ; 
  • Integrations: Slack, MS Teams, 75+ platforms (via Zapier); 


Online time tracker tools

All-in-one time-tracking solution 

Connecteam sells itself as an all-in-one time-tracking solution that raises staff engagement, reduces staff turnover, and constantly collects feedback to improve your company’s everyday productivity. It allows you to customize employee engagement with Connecteam to suit your corporate culture and business needs.  

  • Subscriber Size: 100K (8K Companies); 
  • Main Sales Line: “#1 time clock app for the deskless workforce”; 
  • Subscription: $29 per month @ 200 Users / $120 per month full enterprise; 
  • Discount: 20% annual discount;  
  • Onboarding: Email + Social Signup;  
  • Support: Email; 
  • Integrations: 40+ platforms; 


Top 5 free time tracking services

Staff scheduling and shift planning 

Built for small to midsize businesses (SMBs), When I Work offers a flexible desktop and mobile web experience, and provides a robust means for staff schedule and shift planning for a very competitive price with up to 75 staff for free! In addition to basic scheduling, WIW also supports time-off, staff availability, and attendance functions, but lacks in its span of integrations. 

  • Subscriber Size: Unknown 
  • Main Sales Line: “Rapid Onboard Setup”;  
  • Subscription: Free / $4 /month / user;  
  • Discount: 20% annual discount;  
  • Onboarding: Email signup;  
  • Support: Demo offered;  
  • Integrations: 10+ integrations;  


Mobile time tracking solutions

Off-site GPS time tracking tools 

Jibble is offered as a free time tracking solution exclusive to AndroidThe service supports: selfie clock-insGPS attendance, offline mode, timesheets creating for payroll, and a framework for project costing. 

  • Subscriber Size: 10K 
  • Main Sales Line: “The Free time clock app”;  
  • Subscription: Free / $2 /month / user;  
  • Discount: No Annual Discount;  
  • Onboarding: Email + Social Signup;  
  • Support: Demo, Phone, Email, Webinars, online FAQ / Wiki;  
  • Integrations: Payroll Panda, MS Teams, Slack; 


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