Harvest time tracking integrations

Are you looking for a way to improve engagement by staff using Harvest for time tracking?

Get staff project hours entered up to 50% faster by adding AlignTime to your Harvest time tracker account.

Harvest Time Tracker

Boost team engagement, transparency, and accountability while spending less time chasing down project hours.
AlignTime helps you invoice more in half the time with better billing data.

If you use Harvest and MS Teams or Slack to manage projects, let AlignTime stream Harvest project data into your project chats while also sending late entry notifications to staff DMs in chat.

“Within 30 days of using AlignTime with our Harvest account our worst time entry offenders got their billable time to project managers 75% sooner!”

– Lisa Feehan
Partner, Vice President at KEEN Creative

Using Harvest with Slack

Setting up AlignTime with Harvest and Slack or MS Teams

The following are a number of common questions that we get regarding AlignTime. If you don’t find this helpful to your question, just drop us a quick line and we will get right back to you.

When does AlignTime sync data from the Harvest time tracking tool?

During AlignTime Setup

Your first sync happens once you have authorized the Harvest time tracking tool and pressed the “Sync with Harvest” button in the AlignTime portal. This will retrieve all active time entries, projects, tasks, and users, currently within Harvest and populate the AlignTime project management tool.

We sync with your Harvest time tracking tool everyday at 8:00 PM MST

At 8:00PM MST, the AlignTime retrieves all time entries, projects, tasks, and users within your Harvest time tracking tool that have been created or updated since the day before.

Any created/updated time entries, projects, tasks, or users that happen after this process is started, will not be in the AlignTime application till the process runs the next day.

What reports does AlignTime send out?

Daily Harvest time tracking reminder – 8:30 PM MST (Only if hours are <7.5)

This report is sent out nightly at 8:30 PM, to employees that have entered less than 7.5 hours that day. It will show the number of hours they have currently as of 8:00 PM.

Weekly Automated Time Tracking Reports – Monday at 8:00 AM MST

This report is sent to all employees. It shows their total hours entered each day of last week. It also provides insight into capacity and billable time.

Managers may also receive the reports of the employees they manage. They must be assigned as the employee’s manager in the AlignTime portal.

Weekly Automated Project Updates – Tuesday at 10:00 AM MST

This time tracking report provides insight into usage of budgeted hours for a project.

Project will need to have been assigned a Teams/Slack channel in the AlignTime portal.